rain 2 smGood Grief! Doggy Duds rain wear features water-repellent nylon outer shell with reflector ribbon for night safety. These coats are not only machine stitched, but the edges are reinforced to prevent the material from fraying. If you choose, pockets can be added in place of the reflector ribbon for no additional charge. The underside of the raincoats is usually a lightweight cotton blend so it can be used during the warmer months. If you would like more of an "all-weather" coat, fleece can be substituted as the underside for additional warmth during the winter months.


These coats are perfect for dogs that do not like "doing their business" in the rain or have extremely long fur coats that get soaked while making that quick trip outside. There is nothing worse then the smell of a wet dog. This is just the coat for you and your canine companion.

*Rain duds are NOT machine washable and are NOT dryer safe. Wipe nylon with damp cloth to clean and hang or lay flat to air dry. A cool iron may be used if necessary.
This is just for rain and all-weather coats that have the nylon outer shell. All other coats are still machine washable...rain 3 sm

Sizes XS, S, and petite M feature Velcro closures around the neck and belly for adjustable fits.

Sizes M, L, XL and G (for Giant) feature a "pull-over" front with Velcro closures around the belly. This makes it very quick and easy to put on a dog that might not be used to wearing a coat without sacrificing the adjustability around the belly.

Click here for sizing recommendations and instructions on how to measure your dog.

Coats can be personalized for your dog at an additional charge of $1.00 per character.