Let's face it.

All dogs are NOT created equal! If your favorite companion requires special sizing, custom fits are available...

Are you a fan of a certain sports team, Disney or Peanuts character? Maybe you like to cruise around on a Harley? Licensed materials generally cost more but can potentially be located and used for your favorite friend's coat. I would be happy to check into it for you and give you an estimate on how much it would cost to outfit your dog.


personalized 1 smAll coats can be personalized for an additional charge of $1.00 per character.

If your dogs wears a harness, I need the measurement from the back of the neck to where the harness hole should be in the coat.

Click here for sizing recommendations and instructions on how to measure your dog.

Sizes XS, S, and petite M feature Velcro closures around the neck and belly for adjustable fits.

Sizes M, L, XL and G (for Giant) feature a "pull-over" front with Velcro closures around the belly. This makes it very quick and easy to put on a dog that might not be used to wearing a coat without sacrificing the adjustability around the belly.

Coats can be personalized for your dog at an additional charge of $1.00 per character. If you'd like the coat personalized, be sure to indicate "yes" on the order form and provide the name of your dog.